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About Us

Bags. We Make Bags.
Absolutely Awesome Bags.
Bags Made With Love In India.
Bags Made for the World.

At Protecta, our passion for Design, Travel & all things Tech makes us love what we do to earn a living – Designing, Developing & Constructing bags, cases, covers & accessories for the comfort of today’s Travellers.

Whether you are using our Bags for the daily commute to the Office, or while traveling from one Continent to another, through Smart Designing we ensure that our Bags are comfortable for you to carry while ensuring that your Gadgets stay protected during the rough-and-tumble of travel.



Founded in a garage by a group of young hippies who happened to come from IIT.Nah, that’s not true. We started in the year 2010, but for all practical purposes we are still a Start-Up at heart. We think like one, we act like one – and we are here to disrupt, disrupt Bad Design!

Through the years, we have seen the highest of highs & the lowest of lows, but importantly we are still here, and we are here to stay.


Back in the summer of 2010 (not 69’), while looking to buy some bags for another project, we were shocked with the available options. Basically, consumers had just 2 choices while buying a bag: 

  • Buy a Bag with Crappy Design & Materials, either a cheap import or made locally, without any attention to detail or quality. Cheap Price – Bad Quality.
  • Buy a Bag from an international Brand, with prices, which would certainly burn a hole in the pocket. Good Quality – At a Ridiculously Expensive Price.

We realised this was our cue to step right in, like the proverbial Knight in Shining Armour – with designs which make sense, with quality that is top-notch, with products which would give a run for their money to the best brands in the world.

And here we are, today!



From the first Cut to the last Stitch, every step, every process is carried out in our own facility, located in the green & beautiful city of Silvassa. Our obsession to Design & Quality prevents us from outsourcing any part of the manufacturing process. In-house Design, Development and Manufacturing help us to ensure that all our products are Well Designed, Use Quality Raw Material and feature High Quality Workmanship.



We employ a diverse workforce, with employees from different backgrounds & cultures forming the core of our team. Our team of artisans belongs to different parts of the country and they help us showcase high quality workmanship that India has to offer. In these times of cheap quality imports, this high quality workmanship from our artisans makes sure that our products are comparable in terms of aesthetics and quality with top brands of the world.


We have a very simple design philosophy – if a new product we are developing cannot pass our stringent ‘WOW’ test, we will not proceed ahead. We will not make or sell a product, which looks awesome but has functional limitations. Period.

We do not compromise on the materials used for construction of our bags; after-all the final product is nothing but a sum of the material used plus the workmanship. And no amount of high quality workmanship can hide defects in the materials. We only use top of the line materials, hardware & accessories to construct our bags.


We absolutely love our customers and our customers love us back! We are a small business and we listen to all customer feedback (even critical) very carefully – we thrive on positive feedback and improve by critical feedbacks. Check out what our Customers have to say!